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What are the Various Types of Rodents?

Rodents are one of the most common house pests found across the globe. They multiply really quickly and can therefore develop colonies in a short amount of time. Apart from stealing food, they can spread harmful diseases, cause damage to property, and contaminate food. Rodent infestation can be prevented by eliminating the sources of their food and prevent them from making hiding places. Rodents should be prevented from entering into houses and mechanisms like trapping and poisoning should be used against existing rodents.
Various types of rodents can be distinguished by differences in physical appearances. There are over 2000 species of rodents in the world, but the most common ones can be classified in three categories:

I.   Chipmunks, Marmots, Wood Chucks, Squirrels, Prairie Dogs, Gophers etc.

II.  Common house mice, Rats, Gerbils, Hamsters, Lemmings, Voles etc.

III. Porcupines, Agouti, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas, Capybaras etc.

The most commonly occurring rodents however are:

HOUSE MOUSE: House mice are usually found in and around houses. They are the most commonly found rodents and can adapt to any changes in the environment really fast. They have a well developed sense of sight and smell and can make their burrows in ceilings, food storage areas, crevices and pipes etc. Signs of a house mice infestation would include mice droppings, gnaw marks on wooden furniture, and food trails.

ROOF RATS: Commonly known as Black Rats, they usually inhabit attics, ceilings, and the upper areas of buildings. They have a habit of gnawing on wires, which can lead to power outages, short circuits etc. Being black in colour, they are easily distinguishable than domestic mice but their infestation patterns are mostly similar.

DEER MICE: Found mostly in rural areas, and in barns and fields, they are highly dangerous because they are the known carriers of Hantavirus, which is a deadly disease. They not only destroy crops and food grains but also pose a high risk to humans. The infestation has to be treated by a specialized pest control procedure.

NORWAY RATS/SEWER RATS: They are much larger than common house mice. They usually breed in urban areas and sewage pipes. They are brown or grey in colour and exhibit different behaviour to that of domestic mice.

WOOD RATS: Also known as packrats they are highly fond of shiny objects. They are found outside houses, in fields and lawns and are known to damage food grains and crops causing huge financial losses to farmers. They usually gnaw on fruit, furniture, trees, wires and mattresses.

VOLES: Voles have excellent tunnelling and burrowing abilities and breed under the ground. They are usually found in gardens and lawns and destroy well kept gardens, vegetables and flowers causing immense problems to gardeners.

GOPHERS: Gophers have brownish soft fur, flattened head and protruding front teeth. They are small burrowing animals and have long and sharp claws helping them burrow the ground faster. Gophers are usually found in fields, lawns, dams, gardens and in irrigation systems and are known to create fan shaped mound in the garden.

SHREW: It has a long pointy nose and is of the same size as a garden mouse. It is the most voracious rodent on the planet and is a carnivore. It constantly attacks and eats other animals, sometimes even the ones larger than its own self. It is also known for attacking pets and birds and is a dangerous animal to have around the house.

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