Do It Yourself: How to get rid of termites?

Termites are small insects but the damages that they can cause to your property can be massive. Also known as the silent killers, termites usually show no apparent signs early on in the infestation. As a result, you only notice the signs of a termite infestation when it’s too late and maximum damage has already been done. Termites feed on your furniture, books, doors, windows, shelves and even the foundation of your house. The damage that termites cause is so massive that it may cause the wood to become hollow and lose its strength. This can result in pillars, shelves, walls, doors etc. giving away and falling off causing destruction to your property.
Termites are a serious problem in any home and it becomes absolutely essential that they are removed at the earliest. The various ways to remove a termite infestation from your house, and protect your property against any damage are as follows:

1.Using insecticides and foams: This is the most common way to get rid of termites and includes spraying insecticides in gaseous or liquid forms on the affected wood. Foam works better in this case as it seeps into the cracks of the wood, and destroys the termites entirely, eliminating the infestation.

2. Using a bait: This is a quick and effective way to deal with a termite infestation. It includes using a piece of wood as bait and spraying it with boric acid. The termites will be attracted to the wood, but as soon as they come in contact with boric acid, they will be killed.

3. Destroying wooden mulch: Wooden mulch is one of the biggest attractions for termites. It is, therefore, a good practice to remove all the wooden mulch around your property and keep it away from your house so that termites don’t enter into your property.

4. Storing firewood away from the house: Firewood can attract termites in large numbers which can also result in them entering your house. It is important therefore to keep firewood at a distance from your house and keep it covered.

5. Flooding: One of the easiest and most effective ways to remove termites from your surroundings is flooding the infested area with water. Termites are not able to swim and will drown if the area is flooded causing the infestation to end.

6. Orange Oil: Orange Oil is obtained from orange peel, and it contains an ingredient knowns as D-limonene which is very effective in removal of termites. This is done by drilling small holes into the infested wood and injecting the orange oil into the holes. This procedure usually starts showing results in 3-4 days.

7. Removing rotten wood and tree stumps: A good way to keep away termites is to remove all tree stumps and all pieces of rotten wood from around your house because there’s a high chance they will attract a termite colony.

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